University of California: Northridge

University of California, Northridge is one of the premier UC schools in the Southern California area. Although it's not widely known nationally or around the world, this school attracts some of the best students California has to offer, and it could absolutely be a great fit for you, particularly if you're a California girl... Or guy.

To help get a more 'real' look into the University of California at Northridge, I contacted a current student there and asked him a few questions about his experience. This should give you a great insight into life at Northridge, and help you decide if this might be the right school for you. The interview is below...

ME: What's your year and major at Northridge?

JOE S.: I'm a junior, and my major is "Cinema and Television Arts." I wasn't sure about that until maybe a year ago, but it's great now.

ME: Is that a popular program? I'd imagine it would be, because the school is in SoCal.

JOE S: There are definitely a lot of students interested in working in Hollywood after graduation, but I wouldn't say it's an overwhelming number. It's great for me, though, being just 20 miles from LA. Definitely a perk of going to school here.

ME: How is tuition?

JOE S.: I'm lucky, because my parents are helping me out a lot, but since I'm in state, it's not a huge burden for them or for me. I won't have too many loans to pay once I get out, which I think will be nice.

ME: How is life on campus?

JOE S.: Being from SoCal, I actually didn't even live on campus until this year, as a junior. But that wasn't a huge deal. I was still involved in the social world a lot, and this year I have an off campus apartment with friends, which is nice. But plenty of kids live on campus all 4 years too. I guess it just depends.

ME: Okay. That makes sense. A lot of students are concerned with going to large schools, like CSUN. What would you say to them?

JOE S.: From talking to my friends at other schools and stuff, I would say it's not really a big deal. Everybody finds their group of friends, and once that happens, it doesn't seem to matter too much how big the place is.

ME: Tell me about the staff...

JOE S.: For the most part the teachers have been awesome. Before I decided on my major, I was thinking about something more math or science related, and sometimes there were foreign TAs that were hard to follow, but I think that's common at a lot of schools. Once I got into film and TV, we had some of the most incredible professors around.

ME: Great. Any last words about the school?

JOE S.: No. Uh... I really like it here. I guess that's it. I don't want to graduate next year.

So there you have it. Joe was obviously a big fan of school at CSUN, but there are a few little things to consider before coming here. It is a big school, and in math and science type courses, you might not love all of your professors. But that's all speculation really, and each person has a different experience. So good luck! Return from University of California Northridge to Colleges and Universities Guide Home