Top Christian Colleges
and other Religious Institutions

Top Christian colleges present a very unique opportunity to their students. Like other universities, these schools offer students the chance to bolster their factual knowledge, and earn a degree in a promising field.

But unlike other schools, these institutions also focus on, you guessed it, religion. If you're a practicing Christian, these schools assist you in both your intellectual and religious maturation.

Instructors, course work and campus life focus on spiritual growth, community, and ethics. They integrate religiosity and academics almost seamlessly, with many courses interweaving the two.

These schools subsequently produce socially responsibly students, their ethics rooted in their belief in faith, service and community.

Indeed, all forms of religious schools focus on turning out well-rounded, service oriented and religious minded students. There are many commonalities between the nations Christian, Jewish, Jesuit and Mormon schools.

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Our Top Christian Colleges Are...

Texas Christian University

Abilene Christian University

Azusa Pacific university

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