Texas Universities

There are tons of Texas universities, and plenty of people that want to attend school there! In fact, places like UT Austin , Texas Tech and Texas State have tens of thousands students each.

It's no wonder Texas students stay in-state for their education; 10% of every graduating class is guaranteed admission to one of Texas' many public schools.

And there are definitely plenty of schools to choose from. But find the right one can be a tough decision.

There are technical schools, public universities, private schools, and everything in between. On one hand, it's great to have so many options for in-state education. Then again, all those options make for a very difficult decision making process!

To help make things a little easier on you, we've complied a list of our favorite institutions in the Longhorn State.

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University of North Texas

If you're looking for a good TX state school with strong liberal arts and arts programs, UNT might be perfect...

Texas Southern University One of America's largest historically black colleges and universities. Located in Houston, TX, the school has a 150 acre campus, over 80 student organizations, and a huge alumni network.

Texas Christian University Small, by Texas standards. But still a definite consideration...

Texas State University This school has a beautiful campus in San Marcos, with a balanced mixture of old and new architecture.

South University An interesting school with many locations throughout the country, with a brand new campus that just opened up in Austin.

Texas Tech University A large school that tries to maintain a small school feel despite its 30,000 strong student body.

UT Austin This famous school has prestigious athletic and academic programs with cutting-edge research facilities and a commitment to public service.

University of Houston Offers distance education and continuing education as well as a whopping 120 majors and minors for on-campus undergraduates.

UTSA (San Antonio) A state university in San Antonio, Texas that has 30,000 students and over 130 degree programs available.

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