South University: Austin, Texas

South University has locations across America, with schools in Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Texas. One of the more popular locations is located in Austin, Texas.

To find out more information about the school, I corresponded with a chat representative on their official website. Throughout the interview, I pose as a student interested in attending South, and ask all the pertinent questions you might have about the school. I focus mostly on the Austin location, but most of the answers provided apply to all South University locations, so this article should be helpful for any students thinking of attending this school in the future.

In the chat below, I am 'Melanie S.' The South University representative is 'Amanda J.'

Please wait for a site operator to respond.You are now chatting with 'Amanda J'

Amanda J: Hello Melanie! How may I help you today?

Melanie S: Hi! I have a few questions, if that's okay?

Amanda J: I would be happy to help! To better assist you, may I ask which program and location you are interested in attending?

Melanie S: I want to get a bachelor's degree

Amanda J: Okay, great! So I can provide you with all of your options, which location are you interested in attending?

Melanie S: Can you provide a list of all your locations?

Amanda J: We have many ground schools as well as online programs. You can see the school locations in the link below, under "Campus Locations"

Amanda J:

Melanie S: Great. Just checked it out.

Melanie S: Texas! Austin

Melanie S: How many students attend South University at that location?

Amanda J: Thanks! One moment while I gather that information for you. While I locate that information, which program are you interested in? At this time we offer Bachelor's Degree programs in: Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Healthcare Management, Information Technology, and Psychology.

Amanda J:

Melanie S: I think I am most interested in Business Administration, although I'm still trying to figure that out a little.

Melanie S: Is South purely a commuter school, or are there dorms on campus too?

Amanda J: I appreciate your patience! Here is a link to the enrollment information:

Amanda J:

Amanda J: There are no student housing facilities at South University, except for the Savannah and Montgomery campuses, which do provide housing for students. Students who are not within commuting distance must secure their own residences at the Austin, Cleveland, Columbia, Novi, Richmond, Tampa, Virginia Beach and West Palm Beach campuses. School sponsored housing at Savannah and Montgomery is available to students on a first-come, first-served basis. Students interested in living in sponsored housing are encouraged to apply early. It is the student's responsibility to make his/her sponsored housing arrangements. Contact the dean of student affairs office for application materials. Independent housing brochures are made available through the offices of the dean of student affairs or the director of admissions at all campuses.

Amanda J: I am glad you are interested in furthering your education with us! How did you first hear about our school?

Melanie S: I heard about the school when I was doing online research.

Amanda J: It's great that you decided to research us further! Here is a link to the program page, which will provide you with a brief description, for your reference:

Amanda J:

Melanie S: How many students are enrolled at the Austin location?

Melanie S: Oh sorry! I already asked you that. I will wait for your answer.

Melanie S: But meanwhile I do have a few other questions...

Melanie S: Can I also complete courses at South University online, or do I need to enroll at one of your brick and mortar locations?

Amanda J: At this time, that information is unavailable as this is one of our newer locations. The link above will provide you with the information about students enrolled at South University total.

Amanda J: We do offer online programs. Would you prefer to attend the Austin location or online?

Melanie S: Probably at the Austin location, although I might be interested in doing it half and half. Is that an option?

Melanie S: Can you tell me what your typical student is like? Are they usually college aged, or maybe focused more on the adult returning for their degree after working for some time?

Amanda J: Information about our student body can also be found in the student diversity link, above. We do have students of all ages.

Okay. So the impression that I get from this school is very similar to the impression I got from similar schools of this ilk. There are definitely some good things about this school... They've got a lot of locations, for instance. And it appears you can mix and match between online courses and brick and mortar schooling, but if I had to guess, I'd say the school is definitely focused on attracted the older, professional, returning education crowd. So if you're looking to get a degree after a few years off, seriously consider South. But if you're about to begin your freshman year, you might be more satisfied and fulfilled at your local community college, which will likely have more kids your age to learn and grow with.

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