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There are dozens of Ohio universities. Despite being only the 34th largest state in America, Ohio has the seventh highest population.

That's a lot of potential students. Fortunately, between state schools, private colleges, community colleges and technical colleges, there's no shortage of education to be had. The most well known of all Ohio universities is - perhaps somewhat obviously - Ohio State University. Founded way back in 1870, this research university is one of the top public institutions in America. Students go there for tier one academics, thrilling sports teams, and vibrant diversity. And boy do they go; Ohio State is home to nearly 40,000 undergraduates!

But that's hardly all the schools here have to offer. For those that like more intimate learning environments, there's Franklin University. There are also religious schools (Ohio Dominican University), and a special university for just about every major city in the state.

Here's what my Facebook friend Carrie had to say about going to school in Ohio:

"I'm from Ohio, so it was just the natural decision for me to go to school at Ohio State. It's one of the best Ohio Universities, and I never regretted it even for a little second. I love the school spirit, and I love being near home. Plus, the in state tuition was a major help, and I'm not going to have very big loans when I get out. That's really something to consider. Stay in sate, and you can avoid loans. So I'm happy that I did that."

I though Carrie made some really great points:

  • State schools are cheaper.
  • College loans suck.
  • It's nice to be close to friends and family.
  • So if you're a young Ohioan, trying to pick a path, carefully consider your state school options. Ohio has plenty to offer.

    All Ohio universities are unique. Check out the links below to find out which one is right for you.

    Check out these schools...

    University of Akron

    A dynamic institution that has updated its classrooms and learning environments to offer high-tech in-class advantages and state-of-the-art personal wellness programs.

    Bowling Green State University Offers classes online and on-campus, and has been recognized for outstanding first-year programs and excellent residential community development.

    University of Cincinnati Located in the most vibrant city in southwest Ohio, and promises students an equal serving of academic education and real-life preparation and experience.

    Cleveland State University A metropolitan learning environment that promises an engaging education, exciting internship opportunities, and some of the lowest tuition in Ohio.

    Ohio Dominican University A private Catholic liberal arts school that offers a helpful staff and a challenging environment that encourages students to push their boundaries.
    Franklin University This school has a main campus in Columbus, Ohio, and several other locations in and beyond Ohio, including one in Indianapolis ñ in addition, this school offers online courses.

    Miami University Located Oxford, Ohio, not Miami, Florida, but it still offers a unique learning environment in a dynamic college town, and it has several other campuses as well throughout the southwest Ohio area.

    Ohio Northern University A private university in Ada, Ohio that emphasizes a combination of liberal arts education and professional preparation.

    Shawnee State University Located in southern Ohio, encourages students to stand out and really highlights the advantages of a smaller student body ñ promising that professors will know each studentís name.

    University of Toledo This school offers a wide variety of courses and research opportunities and gives students flexibility to study full or part-time and/or to participate in day or evening classes.

    Ohio Wesleyan University A highly ranked, selective institution in Delaware, Ohio that promises students will forge strong bonds with faculty and will develop leadership abilities and global perspective.

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