Maryland Colleges

Maryland colleges are famous for their excellent academics and high-performing sports teams.

There's a wide selection of public and private institutions here, the most renowned being John Hopkins University Hopkins is an elite medical university. Like many schools in the state, it attracts a large, diverse student body from around the globe.

But there's more to Maryland than it's historic private schools The public school system has colleges scattered throughout the state. Some of these schools, like the University of Maryland - Baltimore, , rival Johns Hopkins in their prestigious pasts. The most popular school in the state, the the University of Maryland - College Park are home to nearly forty thousand students.

With those kind of enrollment numbers, it's clear that students love going to school in Maryland. Especially born and bred Marylanders, who can receive a world class education just a car ride from home.

Student Review

Oddly enough, the student I reviewed for this page actually attended two Maryland schools, and he's not even from Maryland. I'll include more detailed interviews about each school on their respective pages, but will provide his more general impressions on Maryland colleges here...

Me : Okay. First you went to the University of Maryland - College Park, then you transferred to Johns Hopkins. That's ridiculous.

Paul : Yes it is, but there's a good explanation. When I applied to UMD, I thought my parents were going to move to MD the next year. So then I could switch to state school tuition. Plus, I was getting a pretty good scholarship. Then the next year came and they didn't move. I had turned down Hopkins the year before, and decided to try to transfer. I wasn't unhappy at UMD, but it felt like a really good opportunity, and I got good grades as a Freshman, so I did it. I was lucky I got in.

Me : But you must have liked Maryland a lot then.

Paul : Oh yeah, it's great. Especially Baltimore. I mean, the weather is pretty nondescript and innocuous, so that's nice. But Baltimore has an amazing music scene. Like punk and indie stuff, which I was really into. So I joined a band with a bunch of Grad students and it was just amazing.

Me : This is for the general Maryland page. Let's stick to general impressions.

Paul : Right. Well, there are a lot of schools in and around Baltimore, so that kind of was a general impression. But also, I don't know. It's a great school for kids from all over the north east. I'm from NY, as you know, and it was just a 4 hour drive to get home.

This actually is a big perk. Being in NC, getting back home to NY almost always required a plane ride, unless I had a full day to kill in the car.

Paul : Yeah, and it wasn't only good for visiting family. That was nice, but I had tons of friends all around there. At UMD with me, at other Maryland colleges, at the University of Delaware, at SUNY schools. All over the eastern seaboard, really. So it's a great location.

And there you have it. Paul is a big proponent of Maryland colleges. Check out the schools below and find out if you will be too...

Check out these Maryland colleges...

University of Baltimore

Part of the state school system of Maryland, and is located in Baltimore's cultural district, a burgeoning creative community.

Bowie State University Located in the bustling Annapolis/ Baltimore region, this is an historically African-American school with a prestigious science program.

Johns Hopkins University A prestigious Baltimore school and a world renowned institute of higher learning, particularly well-known for its programs in medicine and engineering.

Loyola University A Jesuit school in Maryland that emphasizes a thorough personal education that extends beyond mere academic excellence and includes giving back to the community and inspiring and spreading Jesuit ideals.

Naval Academy Located in historic Annapolis, Maryland, this school gives students a strong education both academically and professionally, training undergraduates to become successful naval officers.

towson university This school boasts a campus populated by 21,000 students in suburban Towson and offers a more relaxed environment that's still accessible to the culture and opportunities of Baltimore.

University of Maryland Currently ranked 5th best value among America's public universities. Has both an excellent academic reputation and a strong athletic program.

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