Colleges in Florida, Life in a 'College State'

With so many colleges in Florida, it's tough to compare and contrast them all with ease. But here, we've listed all of the most popular colleges for you to read about, and to help inform your college decision.

We know how tough it is to pick from all the colleges in Florida. Like Floridian beaches, they all have something to offer. But that doesn't mean they're all a perfect fit for you.

Florida universities come in myriad shapes and sizes; they have varying strengths and weaknesses. Click on the links below to find out about the schools that you're interested in.

Student Review

Here's a quote about college in Florida from a conversation I had with my friend John, a recent UF Graduate:

"Going to school here is amazing. First of all, people either think the weather is amazing or terrible. Really, it's both. So I don't wanna talk about that."

That's good, because neither did I.

" I want to talk about how nice it is to have so many great schools in one state. I had so many friends at UF, but I also had tons of friends at other schools too. Kids that I met at football games, kids I already knew from home, whatever. Some people say they live in a 'college town' and that's great, but Florida is a 'college state.' And the impact that has on your life as an undergrad can't be over-stated. For the most part, it's embodied in the amazing sports rivalries, but those rivalries turn to friendship, and that's a great thing to be a part of." - My friend John

That's a perspective on life as a college student in Florida that you might not think of yourself. As a student in any state, you form a bond with the other schools in that state. I know I spent a lot of time at the University of North Carolina for instance.

In fact, some of my good friends were from Chapel Hill. To me all of the colleges in Florida seems like a huge bonus, and John agrees. But for others being around so many other schools could be intimidating.

So keep that in mind as you read about all of these schools, and good luck deciding!

Check out these schools...

Florida International University

is a student-centric public research school with a coveted Miami location.

Florida State University A student-centric public research school with a coveted Miami location.

Florida Univesity Located in Gainesville, this school actually called the University of Florida. It is one of the best Florida state schools, especially in football.

Florida Metropolitan University Now known as Everest University, this is a career-oriented school that offers flexible class schedules at fourteen campuses in Florida and dozens of other locations across the US.

University of South Florida Located in scenic Tampa Bay, this school is a growing institution with a renowned public research program.

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