Choosing California Universities

There are dozens of California universities to choose from. From Hollywood to San Francisco, Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz, there are plenty of amazing colleges.

The UC System is a public research university network. There are ten schools in the system, including schools in Los Angeles (UCLA) and San Diego (UCSD).

Additionally, there's the California State University system, which contains almost half a million students, and is the largest university system in America. This state university system admits nearly one third of all California high school students. There are 23 schools in all.

Moreover, California is home to some of the nation's most prestigious private universities, including: Stanford, the University of Southern California, and the Claremont Colleges.

Finally - California, like many other states on our list, is home to many brick and mortar branches of accredited online colleges. The University of Phoenix, for instance, has 38 campuses here.

Wondering what life as a college student is like? Here's what Chelsea, a former UCLA student, had to say:

"Going to school in California was amazing. Being from New York, I was definitely used to the cold. And I assumed that wherever it was warm, it was probably also humid. But not in LA, and not at most California universities. I mean, most people think that the weather isn't that important to where you go to school, but I'm really happy I came out here. In addition to having great classes, always being in the sun just makes me feel happy. And that can't be a bad thing!"

For more information on all the schools discussed above, plus more, check out the links below:

Check out these schools...

Stanford University

A prestigious institution known for academic rigor. Located in beautiful Palo Alto, California.

University of California Berkeley A respected liberal arts school and one of the best UC institutions in California.

University of Southern California Although technically not part of the California state school system, this school is a renowned California institution thatís right in downtown Los Angeles.

University of California Northridge I interviewed a current junior at CSUN to help you get a better idea of life here. It's a great option for residents of California, and aspiring entertainment industry professionals particularly.

University of California Los Angeles This school boasts a beautiful, sprawling campus in the heart of Los Angeles that offers intellectual challenges in an environment that is both urban and private.

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