The Best Universities
Our Top Five

The best universities are the premier learning institutions in the world. These are the places where the brightest students go. These students cure diseases. They win championships. They make the most of all their opportunities.

Congratulations - you are one of these students. You found this site because you're ambitious. You believe in yourself, and you believe you deserve the best when it comes to college.

Maybe you think you don't belong at one of these schools. But you do! Keep your confidence up. Keep working hard. And do the best you can on your applications! You can get into any one of these schools. All you need is a lot of hard work, and maybe a little luck.

Below, you'll find our version of America's top five universities. We've taken everything into account. All of the different rankings, all the guide books, and all the statistics. We've talked to real students, and we've compiled our own list.

As you read these, keep in mind - everybody's top ten schools will be different, because everybody has different needs, personalities and learning styles. Always think about what will work for you, first and foremost.

Are any of these schools right for you?

1) Harvard University

2) Princeton University

3) Yale University

4) Stanford University

5) Duke University

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