And the Best Online University is...

It's an extremely difficult task to identify one school as the 'best online university.' Really, it's almost impossible. What this page will do is help you decide what is the best online university for you .

That's all that matters anyway. And what's best for you might be worst for me, or mediocre for my Uncle Ronald, and so on and so forth.

So what criteria can you use to decide which of the hundreds of online schools are best for you?

Ask yourself these three questions:

What's Your Goal?

Almost every single online university has something to teach you. They all offer courses, packed with facts, and statistics and information and course readings. And all that is great, because one of your goals is definitely to learn .

But what if learning isn't your only goal? Then you need to make sure you enroll in an accredited online college. These schools provide real, bonafide degrees. Automatically, they're a notch above the rest, because an accredited degree will help you more after college than a simple certificate from a non-accredited school.

But be careful, some schools advertise that they are 'accredited' but the board of accrediting body is not recognized. Typically referred to as 'degree mills', these schools often advertise that they can give you a degree for almost no work.

But remember this: All degrees require hard work and all real accredited online colleges are certified by the Council for Higher Education. If you're not attending online college for the power of the degree in the job market, accreditation is not as important. But for most, this is an essential qualification for any online institution.

How much money do you have?

Okay, okay. Maybe this should be question number one. Money is certainly a limiting factor in online education. So be honest with yourself about how much you have.

There is definitely a wide range of prices for online schools. Who knows, maybe the best online university for you, is the least expensive around?

Baker College is widely held as one of the least expensive online schools, with tuition rates less than half of many other online universities.

Also, be sure to check out the online branch of your state university for great deals in online education.

What are you good at?

Often times, those who consider online education are doing so because they've hit a rut in their lives. They're stuck in a dead end job that they don't like, and they want more freedom . They want control over their own financial future.

Does that sound like you? Are you eager to make your own way in the world, without working a job that you hate? Are you finally ready to pursue your passion?

All you have to do is define that passion . Figure out what you're good at, and see if there's online education for that! Chances are, you could be headed to a 'best online university.'

Pursue your passion for law, and get a law degree!

Or hone your love for hospitality, and get a degree in that! Whatever you truly love to do, there's a 'best online university' for you. Answer these questions honestly, go forth, and find it!

These 5 Accredited Online Colleges Are a Great Place to Start Your Search...

University of Phoenix

With enrollment in the hundreds of thousands, Phoenix's numbers are second only to New York's 'SUNY' state education system...

Kaplan University One of the largest accredited online colleges out there today...

Strayer University Its slogan, "We fit your life," is emblematic of their dedication to providing flexible education to its students..

Walden University This school has a rich history and penchant for innovation in the realm of adult education...

Virginia College Class study is geared toward the current job market, and the ultimate goal is not to graduate, but to secure employment after graduation...

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